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Hypoclorine Skin Care Hydrogel

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  •  Cleaning and disinfection of incised, sharp and cutting wounds

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  •  Cleaning and disinfection of incised, sharp and cutting wounds
  •  Lacerations, abrasions and abrasions - Abscesses - Burns
  •  Wet dermatitis and scratching
  •  Dermatitis of the skin folds
  •  Ulcers (including those caused by leishmania, diabetes)
  •  Pyodermas
  •  Mycosis
  •  Post-surgical wounds to reduce healing time
  •  It favors and stimulates the healing and regeneration of skin and subcutaneous tissue in healing by second intention
  •  Stings - Relief of itching, even in allergic processes
  •  Abscessed and fistulized anal sacs
  •  Cleaning and hygiene of the interdigital spaces and between the pads
  •  Malassezia
  •  Urticaria
  •  Navel cleaning and disinfection in neonates of all species
  •  Wounds, ulcers and lacerations in the truffle, in areas of mucocutaneous attachment
  •  Skin lesions of exotic animals


  •  Preparation and cleaning of the surgical field. The use of HYPOCLORINE for the cleaning of the surgical field as a single product is protocolized.
  •  Surgical wounds, reducing healing times.
  •  Healing by second intention of open surgical wounds.
  •  Peritonitis.
  •  Pyometra and vaginitis.
  •  Cleaning of the abdominal cavity in surgical procedures.
  •  Application of HYPOCLORINE in each level, in the suture by planes of surgical wounds to promote healing.
  •  Eliminates discomfort in animals that suffer from skin irritation from shaving in the surgical area.
  •  Application in surgery of exotic animals.



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Hypoclorine Skin Care Hydrogel

Hypoclorine Skin Care Hydrogel

  •  Cleaning and disinfection of incised, sharp and cutting wounds

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