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Urtinol Fogger 100 ml. View larger

Urtinol Fogger 100 ml.

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Insecticide effective against fleas, ticks and other insects including adults and larvae. For use in the environment, not directly on the animals.

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URTINOL "Fogger PLUS is an insecticide with a unique combination of two active ingredients:

Tetametrina and Diflubenzuron. Effective against the adult insect and larval stages.


PLUS FOGGER URTINOL "is suitable for application in environments where there are pets

Killing fleas, ticks, lice and other flying and crawling insects.


"Shake well before using." Application by discharge. Sprayers used to treat 100 ml of 50-80 m3 enclosed spaces depending on the degree of infestation and the presence of materials that hinder the penetration of the product such as boxes, wood, paper or the like.

About this volume is equivalent to a room about 20-30 m2.

To avoid risks to man and the environment, follow the instructions.

The containers, pressurized metal cans are provided with a valve that releases once the entire product. For best results, should fumigate the entire building, following the instructions below:

1 Close exterior doors and windows and air conditioners if any. Open interior doors, cabinets and toilets of the treatment area.

2 Extinguish all flames, including pilot light and disconnect electrical appliances (fridge, iron, radio, etc.)

3 Take the animals, leaving its bed, as it is the first hiding place for fleas and must be treated. This treaty bed can be used later.

4 Cover or remove fish tanks, if any, and exposed food, dishes, utensils and cooking equipment. Leaving rugs, drapes and upholstered furniture in place. Thus, the product will not damage rather than hidden in them fleas.

5 Place the sprayer in a high place, (a table or a chair), protecting the area that is directly under the boat.

6 Shake the container. Keep the pot with arm outstretched and facing away from the face. Uncover the pot and press the actuator down until you hear a "click" at the end of the path leading to the start of fumigation. Leave the boat upright and leave the area to try closing the door behind him. Do not enter until after 2 hours.

7 At 2 hours, the doors and windows open and operate the air conditioning or fans if any, airing for 30 minutes. Switch on the lights, pilot lights and electrical appliances.

8 All surfaces for food processing (plates, trays, etc.) should be covered during treatment or thoroughly washed before use.

• Before use carefully read the product label.

• Do not use in the presence of people and / or pets

• Do not use on food or utensils. May not be used on surfaces where handled, prepared, consumed or served food.

• Do not use on wood or porous surfaces.

• Do not mix with other chemicals.

• Ventilate properly before entering the premises.

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Urtinol Fogger 100 ml.

Urtinol Fogger 100 ml.

Insecticide effective against fleas, ticks and other insects including adults and larvae. For use in the environment, not directly on the animals.

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